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  • She stares at the phone,
    Just waiting for him to call...

  • When everyone’s in bed,
    She cries...

  • I fell on my knees and begged for you back,
    I said it doesn't’t have to be like...

  • You

    I love the way you used to touch me;;
    I love the way you held my hand...

  • Sitting on the computer
    Staring at the screen...

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  • ;
    so, i kinda, promised to myself that im not gunna talk to you, until you have the balls to talk to me first, cause im sick of looking like a fool, and putting in all the effort in this thing that we have. lets see how long this will last.

    11 years ago
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  • I keep the memories of you close to my heart;there the one thing that keeps me strong;but the one thing i miss between us

    13 years ago
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  • Its funny how some one can say "I believe in second chances just not thirds" when you given them so many

    13 years ago
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