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I haven't put up any new writes out here, even though I continue writing in my spare time, or just let lines of words flow through me most of the day. I think I'll put up some new stuff soon. There's so much talent out here. You all have my respect. I just hope I can measure up to the rest of you.
I've been called a freestyle writer. I won't always make sense. I won't always tell a story, and my writes aren't always born from personal experience. I will admit, this is my therapy. Writing brings me peace.

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  • This love we make, full of warmth, full of passion. This love we make, born of want and wishes. This love we make, causing anger and hate, tearing our worlds apart. This love we make, to want so much of, or to be so rid of

    8 years ago
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  • When you hold that knife, make sure
    the blade faces....away. You wouldn't want
    to cut your own throat.

    9 years ago
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  • The quiet man. Don't give him too much power. He won't be quiet anymore.

    9 years ago
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