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I'm Aisha a.k.a Harmony (the new n improved name ii give to my wrks)...The reason ii dnt jus use Aisha is because wen ii rhyme im a totally different person, although, the truth behind my wrks are the things in my daily life.

The twist.
In my rhymes my dreams are spoken of and dnt jus remain inside my head... I'm seen as a regular kid at school trying to get by... mayb go on to uni get a degree probably in parents' dream.

My life has always been heavily influenced by religion and tradition, clashing with the demands of society and fellow peers. This dilemma is the core of my rhymes as most of my thoughts branch out from it and ii dream up the perfect world or simply try and face reality.

However, it is only recently that my work has started to get noticed. Nothing big, just people maybe around school and in my family realise I can rhyme and aint too bad either :D Either way the attention is appreciated and I promise it will not go to my head :)

Feel free to leave comment, however harsh and I'll try and improve ma skills n take your opinions on board...unless u jus dnt get my vibe then id try n change my perspective of things so that everywun gets me!

much love and peace

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  • Wrd of advice
    fuk the fakes,
    dnt make the mistake,
    eva agen

    14 years ago
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  • (V.I.P, R.I.P)

    Very Important Person, Rest In Peace!

    14 years ago
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  • This dark whole is swallowing me up, so take me in your arms and hold me close because you never know i might just slip away.

    14 years ago
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