Favorite Poems of Kendra

  • I hate

    by Alysha

    I hate the way you'd talk to me
    I hate the way you cut your hair...

  • Displays of affection (1)

    by here with u

    I love it when you kiss my neck
    it drives me crazy when you stop...

  • Its all my fault (1)

    by oshtia

    Your mind just races in a thousand places
    your hoping maybe there'll be no traces...

  • You've Changed. (3)

    by memories fade

    Annoying, that's what this is to you.
    But as for me, it's nothing new...

  • No One Could... (1)

    by Nic39uy

    On the outside I seem like a mean guy
    You were a brave girl, one of the bravest I've...

  • Good-bye (1)

    by CrAzY LoVeR

    So Confused
    Not knowing what to do...

  • Why?

    by Tim Mauntler

    Why did you do it then?
    Why did we even try...

  • The one

    by missie yang

    You are the one I love
    You are the one I need...

  • True Love Never Dies

    by april tinsley

    Im stuck in two minds which way do I go?
    O somebody please the true path wont you show...

  • My pussy is so wet (3)

    by Always and Never

    My pussy is so wet,
    I quiver with every touch...

  • When I came back inside
    You were fast asleep...

  • Fuck it... I'm out. (2)

    by Always and Never

    You know what's really funny,
    You're going to laugh when I tell you this...

  • Stay Outta My Way

    by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness

    Feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride,
    No matter where I go, I can't hide...

  • I admit.. (1)

    by Kaetaj

    I admit that i still love you
    although it doesn't show...

  • Boys are cheats and liers, they're such a big...
    They will tell you anything to get to second base...

  • The Perfect Guy (32) 1

    by BeautifulxMess

    Slowly drifting away into your everlasting eyes.
    Looking into emerald diamonds that shine so...

  • The poet's heart. (106) 2

    by BlueDreams

    No uttered words the poet speaks,
    No skies of golden hue...

  • A shot rings out
    blood sprays the wall...

  • I Don't Know... (10)

    by dReAMeRgRL18

    I don't know how to tell you
    I don't know if you care...

  • I Want , Never Gets (10)

    by Kathryn

    I can't believe how Long its taken,
    Or how we got here...

  • I'm Sorry (1)

    by Nicole Bessette

    I'm sorry you think I mess everything up
    And I'm sorry you think I complain...

  • Sorry

    by Christina

    Sorry about everything that i have done to you...

  • Can't be with you...

    by hehasmyheart

    The tears that fall- I cannot show.
    The feelings I have 4 you, You will never know...

  • What's the point!? (2)

    by MissSideways

    What's the point in loving?
    when all I get is pain...

  • I tried

    by hehasmyheart

    You were everything I hoped for;
    You were not only my friend, but so much more...