The last message parts I , II & III

by Adam Murphy   Jun 3, 2005

A shot rings out
blood sprays the wall
it makes a dull thud
as his body falls
the phone hits the ground
the line goes dead
he left her a message
heres what he said
" hey baby whats up?
how have you been?
I was okay ...
then i saw you with him
you were reading a poem
i saw you lip the word love
my heaven became home
with hell up above
i thought we had something
too special to tell
like a bird with broken wings
i saw you and fell
but i guess i was wrong
in trusting you
though i did for so long
you broke it in two
so this is the end
of all that we had
this bulett will mend
these feelings of sad "

part II

She walks to his grave
as the sun sets
she has a short letter
signed with her regrets
it says " sweetie i love you
how couldn't you see
that poem was yours
were having a baby
I didn't know what to say
so i got help from a friend
you came that way
and saw me reading it to him
if only you knew
that smile was yours
there was a girl with me there..
and that guy was hers..
honey i'm scared
i don't know what to do
this is something i wasn't prepared
to be put through
come back to me please
come back to me now
i cant live without you
i just don't know how "
with tears in her eyes
she lays in the mud
she lays there and cries
wishing her tears were blood

Part III

Its been a few years now
since that blood stained day
a little girl is walking by
she stops at his grave
she says "did you get my letter?
I just wanna know said she wouldn't get better
and it was her time to go
she said that she'd be with you
so i gave her a note
i said in my big girl voice "see that he gets this"
then she asked me what i wrote
it said "you take care of mommy
like she took care of me
and say that even though her hair fell out
she still looks pretty
give her an extra hug
and an extra kiss
make sure that she remembers
how much she'll be missed
just like when she cried for daddy
and when she prayed for him
I'll do that for her
over and over again
tell her that your sorry
for every single tear
and that if you'd known the truth
you'd still be right here
tell her not to worry
because someday I'll pass too
though I'll try not to hurry
I'll eventually be with you
a lone tear falls down her face
she says she has to go
she says "in my heart i know you got it"
but i hoped you'd tell me so.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Anesu Joseph Chihambakwe

    No words, lovely! all i can say

  • 7 years ago

    by Em

    Such emotion in this write

  • 8 years ago

    by J Nair

    Adam it was beautiful
    So well presented is the 3 perspectives of lives so interconnected and the frailness of love and the shallowness of trust so well emoted...
    heart touching ......

  • 9 years ago

    by BlueJay

    I want to comment on this piece but all i can think is wow. This is a wonderful heartbreaking tale.

  • 9 years ago

    by gumshuda

    Oh my good what an emotional poem......
    This poem is so sad..... Sadness flows throughout the poem.....
    Ohhh what a lovely poem.... I'm in love with it...

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