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I'm Jan..
I can only write poems when i'm inspired.. When i'm seriously inspired by a girl, it's hard to sleep at night coz a lot of words occupies my head so i just hav to write it down... Sometimes I listen to music and listen to the beat and rhythm of the song and I just type every word that comes out from my mind.. it's weird i know.. but that's how I've been able to write poems.. Sometimes I get one line from a song and form into a poem... so ya that's about it!

Plz leave comments coz i wanna know wat you think of every poem i wrote.. I wanna be better.. =D

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Latest Poems By jLegendc

  • Love is a game
    But I don't play with love...

  • My body still remembers your touch
    Oh How i miss it so much...

  • Do you ever think about me?
    Am I still what your eyes see...

  • Song (1)

    I want to write a song
    About your eyes and smile...

  • I feel like a stalker when it comes to you
    Always looking for that slight glance...

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  • A family is like the fingers in our hands, when one is gone, our hands won't be as strong as before...

    10 years ago
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  • Fake friends are like your shadow; they follow you in the sun, but leave your side when it gets dark.

    10 years ago
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  • We don't cry because we are weak, we cry because we're strong to admit that we are in pain.

    12 years ago
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