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these poems that i have written more recently are about me. about my friends. about my frusteration,and stress in my life right now they are how i feel and what i've experienced ,and if i never experienced this things i would never be able to write. i hope you enjoy my poems feel free to comment as much as you want thank you. abd i know there not the best but i'm a work in progress.
later mary

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Latest Poems By mary

  • Alone in the dark.
    not even a dogs bark...

  • You've seen me cry,and didn't have to guess why?
    you were there ,the times i wanted to die...

  • Never walking away
    I gave you every reason to turn and walk away...

  • Don't run don't hide baby it's okay to cry...

  • Dad

    Dad was the first one to hold my tiny hand in his...
    Dad was the first one to know something was wrong...

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  • I know from time to time we've fought and haven't got along at all ,but your the one that in the end has helped me trough it all.

    Thank you my friend

    16 years ago
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