Favorite Poems of Love is a Beautiful Thing

  • Why Am I Back Here ?? (1)

    by 2weak2smile

    I am over this life,
    I cant stand the future...

  • Eternal (2)

    by The Herald

    Eternity created through the endless ways of time
    it's mysteries unfolding as the world stops on a...

  • Friendship

    by Jason

    Friendships formed hearts become attached
    Goodbye means something that will never last...

  • Letter to God (4)

    by Frank the Great

    Letter to God
    Dear god I'm sorry we haven't spoke in such a long...

  • Love Is Just A Word (2)

    by StillBreathing

    Love is just a word
    But what does it mean...

  • Midnight sky (1)

    by micheal

    Looking out to the midnight sky I see myself
    Forever wondering, forever dreaming...

  • Finding Forever (2) 1

    by DJ

    Every thing's so beautiful she said
    anything is possible when you hold my hand...