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my names katie
my friends tell me that im gorgeous and that i write the most amazing poems....i think theyre completely delusional.
i have red hair and grey eyes. im a freshman in high skool .
well, i wrote all of these, they're all from my day to day life and how im feeling when i have nobody to vent to...or when everyone is tired of hearing about it.
i luv talking to anybody about anything, so if you wanna chat, or need advice or anything, PM me plze!!
if you like them, or if you don't, please leave a comment so i can make them better, and i promise i will do the same for you :)
take care; and live life~ there is no take 2.<3

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  • You two looked cute together, not in the same way you and i did, but in a superficial "barbie and ken" kind of way...i guess thats all you ever wanted

    11 years ago
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  • How could you say that she is so perfect, when that's exactly what you told me?

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  • And it's the first song we listened to in the car together that keeps me smiling <3

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