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I am a lovely gemini. I was born on June 10th: blessing lives every since. In my leisure time, I like to sing, dance, and write.

My love for poetry started out small but has since grown. I use to never keep my poems: I'd give them away, throw them away, or lose them. They weren't that bad of poems either. I just didn't realize my words had a voice.

Slowly, my boyfriend at that time, now an ex, indirectly influenced me to write: about our ups and downs.
Now, I write because it pleases me.
I don't do drugs but I do get a high from reading and writing poetry

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  • My tears fall to the rhythm of your heartbeat

    9 years ago
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  • Boy: I love you.
    Girl: Wow, I suppa love myself too;
    but I like the hell out of you.

    9 years ago
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  • I got a lease on my life.After I took the leash from the guys, or people in my life that were hurting me. Now God's the only man controlling me: I know that just as easily as I Accepted people in, I could
    Let them out of my life.

    9 years ago
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