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Howdy. *tips black cowboy-girl hat*
*extends hand* I'm Elise some know me as Stephanie, eithers fine.

Now as you can tell I live in the south also know as the Heartland.
-Texas- Not way down south but I have my own accent if it suits me.

I'm in the 9th know, yuck a 'fresh'.
I would rather be out working on the farm with my dad or grandfather or even special Ed (My g.father's brother) than in school.

**But I ain't stupid**

I'm a modern cowgirl I'd guess you'd say.
-just a few-
Fave artists: George strait, Gary Allen, Fall out boy, My chemical romance, Blackhawk, Toby keith, used to love the dixie chicks till they went hostile...grr...,

Fave songs: Troubador, Tal about me, Runaway, Thnx 4 the memrys, do you believe me now,

My hobbies: Riding dirt bikes, fixing my '74 Monte Carlo, poems, stories, dreaming.

If that don't tell you what you wanna know just PM me and
I'll get back to ya.
Adios partner ;)

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  • A flower may wilt and die
    But her pollen...

  • On the edge of heaven
    if I fall of this cloud...

  • If I gave you what you wanted even though it would...
    would you see the true me...

  • Say I love you even if you dont mean it
    Say youll be there even if you wont...

  • I care about u so,
    Yet I lie and never think about how it hurts you...

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  • "If each breath brings you closer to death, does that mean if you hold your breath you'll live forever"
    -My bff's best quote eva!!!! please PM/comment/rate and tell me what you think about it!!! Thanks a mill.

    11 years ago
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  • "you do, You die"

    12 years ago
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  • Nice guys don't always finish last

    12 years ago
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