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I'm no longer the girl who used to write these poems.. For a start I've stopped spelling my name with two ii's. (What was I thinking)... And life has changed me since then.. Many of the same troubles I had back then still hurt but I've grown in soo many ways and become a less broken young woman.. At least that's what they tell me. Anyway.. Maybe I will start writing again. Who knows.

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  • Gimme a dose of something strong..
    And turn up the volume of my favourite song...

  • To say I feel empty, in itself is a contradiction...
    Rather, my soul is in a deep realm of confliction...

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  • Somedays I"m sad.. Other days I just hide it well.

    8 years ago
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  • I Still Get Lost In Your Eyes
    But You Would Drown In My Tears

    </3 x

    12 years ago
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  • I'll Never Regeret You.. Your Not A Mistake.. I Miss You But I Havent Got Another Heart You Can Break.. </3 x

    12 years ago
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