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My poems always express something magical. I never write them for choice, I write them when I feel I need to express myself.
I always start them in my journal and from there I post them here.
Most of all I love to write! I feel free when writing and I enjoy it^^

June 2010-- I had all my poems removed, but I'll slowly repost the old ones and my new ones. =D
March 2011-- It has been a while, but I am slowly re-posting my work. =D I wanna just say that all my work DOES relate to not only my life and my feelings, but to others as well. I want people to read my work and feel the way I do. It really helps with getting out my feelings and that alone is why I write poetry!

March 2013
I updated my new poems of 2012-2013. Sorry for the late post. I had them on dA and decided to place them here, too. ^^

January 2018.
WOW the years have gone by so fast. I am thinking of writing a new poem that can express my pain and misery from my eating disorder. I don't even know if I know anyone on here anymore, however I think the best way is to start by posting more

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Latest Poems By Malachi

  • I hated you; I loved you
    I lay in bed with my eyes clamped shut...

  • Remember the angel that wiped your tears and made...
    You always told her to let you be; you were always...

  • You say your life is falling to pieces
    You say his doesn't matter, he is only a fetus...

  • I am a girl
    And so are you...

  • Be still, be still and close your eyes
    Do not peek, it's a surprise...

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  • Trying to change who you are is like trying to change the color of a flower

    7 years ago
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  • ~ My dreams Writt down on a piece of paper were set free with one glance from him... ~

    10 years ago
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  • I'm always right! One time I thought I was wrong, but I was wrong..

    10 years ago
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