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Hi =] i'm mikayla. i'm 16 years old.
i'm living my life the only way i know how, being myself and loving every moment. i've had hard times, my life is far from perfect and most of my inspiration for my poems comes from past experiences. i find that people tend to focus on the negatives in their lives, but i feel that remembering the good things in life is just as important as remembering the things that have made you strong.

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  • Sometimes it seems it hard,
    To put the past behind...

  • Thought you were the guy for me,
    But all along it seemed I could not see...

  • I wish you were still the guy I loved, the one...
    But sometimes it seems it's hard, to put the past...

  • How is it you can read me so well?
    Know nothing about me, but understand my world...

  • You try to hide from it all,
    Afraid that no one will catch you, if you ever...

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  • They say that love is a battle, but what are we fighting for? If love is the deepest desire, then why do we call it a war?

    11 years ago
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