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my name is Sarah. I'm 25 years old. I live in Canada. I love to write poems and quotes. I'm generally a very nice person and I love to hear what people think of my writting. Please comment on my poems. I take mature critisims better then people writting me telling me that my poems suck. If you write to me plz respect my feelings, and if you dont like the poem by all means tell me and give me postive feedback on how I can change it and suggest things that could improve the poem.

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  • Age : 25
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  • Country : Canada
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Latest Poems By sarah

  • Staring outside the window
    On a crisp dark December...

  • Im a leprecon! Im small as a pea!
    I search for gold and you cant catch me...

  • To my grandpa I never knew
    Though I wish I had the chance...

  • I turn my head as you walk through the door
    I never thought youd come back, and here you are...

  • H- Hung over again, like I was yesterday
    O- Often wondering why I do this to myself...

Latest Quotes By sarah

  • Some People are to immature to handle the truth, so I guess you'll never know how I feel.

    10 years ago
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  • It's sad how most people become who they promised they would never be.

    10 years ago
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  • Bury all my secrets in my scars
    making memories that use to be ours
    secrets die along with the past
    and love is ignorance that never lasts

    11 years ago
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