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I love poetry sooooooo much; It's so inspiring and it lets you express your feelings in an amazing way. I'm not that good at writing poetry but I hope that one day I can write something that will inspire others and that it will be as lovely as the ones I have read. :D

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Latest Poems By Julie

  • Hope (2)

    The rock I once was,
    Is now shattered...

  • I go back to those days...
    ...the days when I was young and naive...

  • I've opened the door more than once.
    You've been in and out... in and out...

  • Some say she's my look-a-like;
    Others say I'm her look--a-like...

  • Our friendship is strong and never ending, until...
    I will not cry until your gone, for then I will...

Latest Quotes By Julie

  • I understand that to understand everyone and everything is impossible.

    8 years ago
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  • A life well-lived is golden.

    8 years ago
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  • A picture holds beauty but an immense part of the beauty lies within its purpose and meaning.

    9 years ago
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