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Well I don't know what to say... I like writing poety and watch movies. I'm more of a harry potter fan than twlight. I like reading books and i hate me home life. Plus, im in love with johnny depp. i have had more broken hearts than i can count and I want to go to France. I guess that is about it.

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  • Do you believe in fate?
    Do you believe life is planned...

  • I can still hear his barking
    I can still see his face...

  • For my father: i love you no matter what
    Imagine what it's like...

  • Tell your secret deep inside
    Tell me what to do...

  • Pictures can be misleading
    Although our smiles are so bright...

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  • I dont deserve to be happy after everything ive done...

    7 years ago
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  • I have never felt so lonely in a world so full of people. we do everything to try not to get hurt by others, but really we are just hurting ourselves

    7 years ago
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  • I just want to quit, there isnt a reason not to

    7 years ago
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