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Hey everyone, I am so sorry for not posting new. I was having some privacy issues with my family, but I am okay now. I don't care who reads, or what they think. I am writing for me and no one else.

I have been writing tons for my poetry class in school so some of them are kind of dumb because of the topic/subject I had to do, but I still put them up.


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  • I love standing out in the rain cos no one can see me crying

    thats not mine, i think that its a friend of mines or if she got it from someone else, oh well i like it and it seems so apprapoe, so i put it up

    15 years ago
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  • Sitting alone
    watching the world
    seeing how they all forgot
    one little girl

    15 years ago
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  • Put a gun to her head
    pulled the trigger, now shes dead...

    15 years ago
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