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hey. im just a typical girl tryin to get through. ive had it hard but many have had it worse. anyways, i dont have much else to blond, blue eyes, and really thin. i was anorexic, and so now i weigh like...85 pounds and im 5\'6. its gross and crazy, but im working on. i have an aweomse bf, and together me and him are perfection.
please vote and comment on my poems. and please send me private messages.
*one last thing* anyone out there who thinks its funny or cool to steal someones dare you take someone elses feelings and hard work and try to call it your own. i just found out that one of my poems was stolen and is now published in a book, where a lot of people read it, and enjoy it...but guess name isnt on it!! pisses me off ppl. if you even think about calling someone elses work your own, just remember..that is STEALING...and your basically ripping out their soul. watch what you do!!

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Latest Poems By candy

  • Every night when i go to sleep
    i look past my eyes to where you are...

  • I dare you to slit your throat
    to bleed away and die and choke...

  • I'm woken in the middle of the night
    the bomb blasts woke me again...

    I can long to be truly happy, to feel something...

  • I sit by my window
    and remember that night...

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  • Dont judge a guy by his boxers...its whats on the inside that counts...:P

    15 years ago
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  • Loving you is like breathing. i'll die if i dont do it, and i'll do it till i die

    15 years ago
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  • I didnt know what perfection was until i met you

    15 years ago
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