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I'm 14 years old, just a normal teenager. Well... haha I'll let you keep thinking that :P lol, I guess you could say my life is a little more complex then a NORMAL teenager. lmao, I come from a broken family, and I've been hurt... ALOT. haha, I love poems <3 haha, I'm not good at writing poems lol I really aint, but poems don't always have to ryhme right :P haha thats the ones i'm good at, like venting in stuff :P

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  • Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than an obstacle. {by: Christian D. Larson}

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  • I'm not someone you'd call pretty,
    or the type you'd see hanging out in the city.
    Someone who won't leave you amazed, yeah I'm country born and raised.

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