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Shedding these thoughts that consume me.

More like an idea rather than a poet.

It's time to rip that bandaid off right here, right now.

I am not a man, not a woman, I'm not black, I'm not white. I am no one. I am anyone. I am everyone.

I am.

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    In time I find this bitter feeling
    Creeping up my spine...

  • Some nights I catch myself dreaming of your face.
    Where we are always dancing...

  • It's not the same as it was before.
    It can never go back to the way it was before...

  • Patiently I will wait for you
    No matter how long it takes...

  • I feel like I'm losing you
    But you were never mine to call my own...

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  • The years know more than the days ever could

    1 year ago
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  • I was terrified of moving on. The family I built. Moving on meant that the dream was over. I had to wake up.

    1 year ago
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