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Poetry is so alone how crude the audiences are.
Poetry is the cheapest form of producing art, though the most taxing one of all.
Roses are innumerable
so as
the pages
of my verses.

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Latest Poems By BOB GALLO

  • What am I to do when the gladiolus cannot stretch...
    this vase of loneliness anymore...

  • We sculpt our idols on our own
    from the stone we carve and chisel...

  • We live together though
    we die separately...

  • It was very musical though it was soundless.
    everything in garden...

  • The rain is gone.
    The trains are gone...

Latest Quotes By BOB GALLO

  • When I learn
    that I am as precious
    as everyone else,
    I am as precious
    as everyone else

    7 months ago
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  • You should have known that
    you are considered a security risk for our nation
    because you do not lie,
    you speak your mind.

    7 months ago
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  • You should have known honesty is not the right ingredient
    for ours pragmatical dietaries

    7 months ago
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