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Be a voyager of thought not the one who settles and drowns. If we don't channel towards light we would camp in darkness. If wedon't unshackle our wisdom, our thought would turn to dungeons and words elongate and mold to the bars of our prison.
Knowledge like water if doesn’t run, turns the land to quagmire.
These habit of thinking are to spurt our skulls to the fireworks of meanings. They like simple seeds have no choice but to rise and go up. Otherwise they are just tiny speckles, like single sands, they are forever lost in the lands...

Massage of a poet to his/her audience:
I apologize for breaking the silence
Roses are innumerable
so as
the pages
of my verses.
Exercise the justice,
do not bastardize the justice!!

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  • It is our striving to heal the joint hurt
    that we all call life

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  • It is a logical flaw saying: you do not burn thing merely because there would be no more thing to burn
    though poetically it sounds sound.

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  • Life is dubious
    death is certain

    3 weeks ago
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