Ddavidd, DD. is here.
Poetry is so alone how crude the audiences are.
Poetry is the cheapest form of producing art, though the most taxing one of all.
Roses are innumerable
so as
the pages
of my verses.

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  • They all are impatient to unleash their canine...
    They are burning to bite, devour...

  • The meal now is cooked Bob.
    From now on, the fire would only burn your food...

  • If you are rock hard
    you break down until you are...

  • They crucify you
    upon the uneven scales...

  • You hurt the true hearts and try to hide it from...
    You hide your fangs...

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  • To Milly

    Hi darling
    I am the Cuckoo and you are the Nurse Ratched.
    We already met in so many cuckoo’s nest.

    1 month ago
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  • Art evaporates in the air of deception
    Inspiration and decency are from the same fabric
    There is no true passion
    without being sincerely truthful.

    1 month ago
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  • Please help me if I am wrong
    For I do not wish to defend any wrong, nevertheless my ego,
    the very noisy self

    I am only here to better myself
    And help others to do the same.

    1 month ago
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