The Ugly Duckling

by BOB GALLO   May 7, 2021

<<One should know of the illustrated book: "The Ugly Duckling," by Hans Christian Andersen, to make sense of this.>>

They sounded so ostentatiously strong:
"Ding dang dong,
don't dare to tag along
you do not belong."

I let out:
"This, my dears, to my ears
echoes like a wake up bong.
For I would rather to die
to get or to go along with
those whose lives
are all about nothing but
assailing listening
to the sound of someone els's songs.

For I would parish and dry out
if I ever belong
to something like this
so outrageously smug and wrong.

So, I shall thrive
as long as you shoo me
for I am so unsightly
to your duckling’s twang,
though in real, your unsightliness
to my eyes
is like a blatant prong.

So, I shall thrive
as long as
my neck of words
to your neckless quirking throng
is as
how your quack-quack
stinging my eardrums
like a lashing


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  • 1 year ago

    by Oceanloveisland

    I can feel the sting of disdain in the voice of this piece. Love the images as well.