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Poetry is my way to pour out my bottled feelings to the public. Often they don't really understand what my poems mean, or who its about if it's about love but they may know on some unconscious level. ^_^

Primarily I write love poems but I have the occasional poem about life or something else. I hope to be published someday i'm working on a novel.

"The mind has many doors and many vacancies. One permanent for the soulmate to dwell. Those immortalized within poetry of true meaning lay within me as sweet memories or memories of sorrow. All of which deserve dedication."

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Latest Poems By Shane

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    the memory that escaped you...

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    The sun kissed a window-
    you told me when your eyes...

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    in rhythm, I expulsed it...

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    Despite the cries of adults, claims that the...

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  • Soulmate, Alas I wait for thee
    Always, for it's destiny

    15 years ago
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