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They say that a writer doesn't have a heart, their heartless in the words and feelings they put into their own personal works. Maybe in many ways that's true, but I try to find the passion in my writing that brings the happiness into people's hearts. I might be silly to say such a stupid thing, but that has always been my goal and idea of writing. I don't write because it's a chore, I write because I really enjoy it. It's been something I always wanted to do. If you understand what I'm saying, you'll know my name.

I'm Steven, I'm a writer.

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  • I got a thousand words to say, but only you would understand them all, because your the only one for me

    9 years ago
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  • She was the best i ever had, but she wasn't even thankful to notice that she was the best in my heart

    10 years ago
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  • I choose to give her everything, but in the end she couldn't even notice how much i loved her

    10 years ago
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