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hey, im from a small island. ive been writing poetry for not to long... iv been through a lot of drama and writing poems is the way that i take out my frustration...and feelings thanks for all your comments and votes it means alot to me...
Much love=)

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  • I glanced towards the window today,
    as the sun's rays beamed their way through...

  • You don\'t need lips,
    because your eyes do the talking...

  • All packed up ready to go, she left.
    With the smell of hair spray mixed with cheap...

  • Flash of your smile, photograph its beauty.
    Love cascades over me...

  • And my hopes are up high,
    For something thats unlikely...

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  • ...Something so beautiful, Could never last forever...

    15 years ago
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  • "What's the point of feeling someone's tongue in your mouth if you can't feel the butterflies in your stomach?"

    16 years ago
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  • --falling away from you always seems so tragic in my mind--

    16 years ago
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