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The Name is Cara, Formerly 'Diary of a Girl'. From Sydney, Australia. I'm a Christian, & I'm not afraid for people to see that. I write from the heart & only when I feel inspiration, so I can go months without writing. I make mistakes & I learn, I'm not perfect & I don't claim to be. Comment & Rate, please. =]

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : Australia
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Latest Poems By CareBear

  • I wish I could find the words
    That describe my hearts desires...

  • Closing the curtains
    And the blinds...

  • Here once again,
    Back at this fork in the road...

  • I'd die a thousand deaths for you
    I promise you my words are true...

  • Wasting time on you
    Is the only thing I seem to do...

Latest Quotes By CareBear

  • &. I find myself sitting here with that silly, 'I love you' grin on my face.

    10 years ago
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  • &. Your ex still calls constantly,
    She doesn't understand,
    You'd think that she'd get to me,
    But you ignore it & promise you have everything you want.

    I hope you're telling me the truth.

    10 years ago
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  • I didn't think this through,
    It's going to be the hardest thing
    I've ever had to do,
    But baby, that doesn't mean I'll change my mind.

    10 years ago
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