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hi my name is brittany as u know already, well i love to write poems when i feel i have a promlem on my chest i can express my feelings that way and i hope u enjoy my poems. i would love if you could comment them too.

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Latest Poems By x x bRittAny

  • A beautiful girl,
    dressed all nicely in her own world...

  • I'd taken the pills hoping for my life to be taken...
    I'd fall asleep and watch those people pay...

  • Some times i wonder why i cry,
    i know why its cause I'm messed up inside...

  • I'm sorry for always getting in the way,
    somehow i think earth would be better if i was...

  • I love u more than life itself,
    when I'm around u i can be myself...

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  • I got a heat full of pain and a head full if stress, heart full of anger, held in my chest.

    15 years ago
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  • I wish I was to dead to cry.

    15 years ago
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  • I want to take all the tears you have ever made me cry and drown you in them, and i want to take all the lies you have ever told and drown you in them too. i want you to drown, cry and die!

    15 years ago
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