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well love is a beautiful thig, but that's only the beaging. Real love is forever but when things go wrong between the two, you don't know what to do. Trying to make the other person happy is what everybody wants to do, but just remember that there are always gonna be ups and downs and that's when you know when things are starting to change between the two.Trust is never gonna be there, and no matter what there is gonna be is that jealousy. When it's time to let go you just can't. You may lie to yourself but when you know that what you felt for that person was true... just remember that they will never understand.well I like Breakdancing, hangin out.Oh yeah! I like writting poetry and looking at the stars at night. I like skateboarding so dont hate cause i sk8 NiGgA! !LoVe SuCkS!

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  • Age : 20
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Latest Poems By Alberto

  • I need a little shove,
    To see if it's still love...

  • Why did you lie to me?
    What did I do to you...

  • Swans (2)

    Swans in love they form a heart,
    You'll never see the swans apart...

  • High (1)

    When i first saw you, I was really shy.
    But the reason we talked was because i was high...

  • To be separated from you makes me alone.
    Still waiting for that call, right next to the...

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  • ~ The truth lies within your eye's ~

    17 years ago
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  • ~*Real Love Is Forever*~

    18 years ago
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