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hi i only just started writing poetry and in my opinion i dont think im brilliant!! but my m8s hav different views!! if you decide to read my work so far thanx for your time, some of my poems are depresing but my now x bf commited suicide in 2004 and i hav just about come to terms wth it they are v emotional for me 2 rite.others are about my best mate who died in 2005 and then there are some nice lovey ones! feel free to comment or email me thanx x x

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  • Best friends forever, angels together

    forever missed, forever kissed

    15 years ago
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  • I always knew thinking about the tears would make me laugh but i never knew thinking of the laughs would make me cry

    15 years ago
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  • A guy always wants to be a girls first love,
    a girl always wants to be a guys last love,
    i wondered why then i got told,
    a girl always has a special place for her first love and never forgets him yet a guy always wants the one hes with.

    15 years ago
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