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I believe writing poetry is an ongoing process. I try to write and rewrite my poems occasionally. So yeah.

And sometimes, I'm pretty vague in my poems. If you comment, it would help if you told me what you think the poem means. Thanks.

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  • A dance, gentle, slow, low and quiet, into the...
    Sleeping nights with rains of cold liquid drip...

  • The black and blue berry marks on the soul of her...
    Slowly as she walks barefoot...

  • Jello (1)

    He took the first piece.
    Then, incensed, I snarled, with open nostrils...

  • Snip.
    It went so quickly and left me with a mind of...

  • It seemed to me to almost be a type of agony the...
    His eyes...

Latest Quotes By Mira

  • "Ideals give a sort of confidence, but ideals are unreachable, and confidence is short-lived."

    11 years ago
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  • "Names hesitate because to speak a name is to make a connection, and to make a connection is to be vulnerable for a moment as you anticipate rejection and hope for acceptance."

    11 years ago
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  • "Wisdom comes late."

    12 years ago
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