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I am a quiet person, I would rather observe than partake in any interactions with people. I tend to be awkward at times, I don't mind though. I've been broken, which in turn has caused me to be cautious when it comes to people. I don't lie, nor do I want lies in my life. I enjoy writing whatever comes to my mind. I also enjoy reading other peoples thoughts. it's neat to understand in a way what other's are feeling and going through.

I hope you all stay strong and keep your heads held high. Don't let life control you. You are either your own saviour or your own destruction. It's your choice.




*What goes around comes around*

*Forever and a day*

*Remember it's not that things happen for a reason...It's the reasoning that comes from those things that happen, that will help you succeed.

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Latest Poems By MissMana

  • Yesterday I was abused
    Mistreated and used...

  • All the tears that have fell
    And all the damage that has been done...

  • The wind dances through the trees
    While the stars play upon the water...

  • The shadows are overwhelming
    And the air begins to sting...

  • My body grows weak
    each and every single day...

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  • Yesterday I was abused
    mistreated and used
    today I stand tall
    because I've lived through it all

    6 years ago
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  • The rainbows reflection dances on the water while the unicorns play in the grass. The dragons are gliding through the clouds and I'm left watching through the glass.

    6 years ago
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  • ...LIFE: The truth beats any lie, NO matter how many tears you have to cry...

    10 years ago
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