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I haven't written any poems in a very long time....it seems as though life has gotten in the way of my writing...I'm honestly not sure if I still have it in me...I need to get back to the basics...back to me...wish me luck on my journey! I'm finding it very difficult to have any time to myself and when I finally do my mind is just racing with thoughts about everything I should be doing...I need to clear my mind and start again...
For all of you other submitters out there, love the poems, keep up the good work!

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  • Age : 35
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  • I've put you on a pedestal when you deserve a stool

    18 years ago
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  • The more you try to find someone the more likely you are to pass them by because you're too busy looking.

    19 years ago
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  • Everyone searches for that special someone...but the ones you're not looking for are the ones you need to see.

    19 years ago
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