Weekly Contest Results 8/19/19

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    Well done, poets. Congratulations to MA, Linda, and Andrea - you earned it! Thank you to our judges and our two sub judges this week. You are all appreciated. Congrats also to the honorable mentions. Without further ado...


    by Poet on the Piano
    10 + 7 + 7 = 24

    "A poem, which speaks to the reader. It’s as if I’m there with the poet as she goes through a sea of thoughts and emotions. The word “I” in this poem is been reduced to “i”. The absence of capitalization of “I” shows the feeling of the poet and how she is so insignificant in this world of perfection." (10)

    "Mary Anne's piece this week had so much longing and melancholy. I love the sound of rain and her piece starts out with rain as the background of both her mood and noise. It sets the tone perfectly for her thoughts. She is never alone, the rain accompanying her, whether she plays a tune on the Piano or pours her heart out on paper. This entire poem is so visually present, I don't know how else to express that. I felt her words, felt her sadness, so beautiful." (7)

    "This poem felt like it was a memory of early teenage years.
    “i am an insignificant note
    abandoned by a pianist.”
    This felt like being small, and sometime the thought of teenager.
    The piano, for me personally, was more than a piano it was a lost voice that tried to express itself but ended up a classic. The rain the melody that plays on strings that matches the mood, a lullaby, a war cry and a friend.
    For some reason, I was left feeling nostalgic.." (7)


    Thirty pounds of glitter
    by (Linda) Leavers
    10 + 10 = 20

    "I struggled this week choosing between two of this poet's nominated poems. However, I have a clear reason why I chose this one. While "I don't wanna make you sad" has a flow and rhythm of "I want you to"... this poem was far more memorable to me. The slam-esque style somehow worked and though some of the poem isn't in "traditional" stanzas, I felt an honest range of emotions that the author could finally release. I never thought run-ons could work like this, but the absolute rage and despair of trying to always hold it together, only to have the depression return and the poet must still say silent to put her family first.... all of that was powerful. The poet is unapologetic and comments perhaps on this beauty we may see on the outside, when people look "put together" yet we don't look within to see how much someone may be hurting. Then, that woman may be objectified or just admired for being able to pull off glitter and look confident, when inside there is much more going on." (10)

    "There are no boundaries, no confinements in this poet's writing. Each poem is pure, unrestricted confession, confident in its voice without being overbearing, witty without being crass, and emotional without being saccharine. There are so many different feelings here: there's fury, acceptance, sadness, insecurity, hidden behind a veil. The makeup here is an incredibly strong metaphor. Every day we go out into the street, and see people who have physical features that we wish we had, flaws we're glad we didn't, and it's so easy to forget that almost every living person is behind some sort of mask. On the surface we can be glamorous, confident, loud, but underneath we are nursing so much, that it's difficult to be thankful. This poem might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's outstanding in its honesty, and brave in its delivery." (10)


    And you think I’m Alone
    by Maple Tree Points
    10 + 4 = 14

    "In your poetry, the moon is often your companion, in your good times and bad. Happiness is a time bomb, what a powerful image is this! Sometimes loneliness is the key to so many closed gates ahead of us. But instead of loneliness it better to say isolating ourselves, to somehow get away from the reminders in the surrounding environment. The thoughts inside become excruciating, so we would rather shut out our thoughts be alone sharing the night with the moon." (10)

    "I have learned grace and peace from this poet, in her fluent ways of sharing what's on her heart, to her truly reverent way of connecting and loving nature. The very idea of the moon having your back is so comforting, I had to sigh at the end of this piece. Whatever darkness, whatever chaos life throws at you, the universe is there for you. It may not be able to promise that eternal happiness, but its presence can hopefully be a step toward healing, toward giving you strength and reassurance you are not alone. As always, beautiful imagery from such a beautiful soul." (4)


    All I Ever Wanted
    by cantchangeme

    "There is something about this piece that instantly grabbed me and the crazy part is I can't quite put my finger on it. The first stanza flows and I felt her desperation and fear of losing herself, but this person she meets changes that, mixes her emotions. Being with someone can make you feel alive. It can also feel like torture when you don't know where you stand and maybe you feel more strongly about the other than they do you. It can make you feel like you are losing your mind and the continual see-sawing back and forth adds to the angst I felt with this." (10)


    by Tanya Southey
    4 + 4 = 8

    "Tanya's piece this week was such a pleasant journey. No particular destination , no time table to watch, just head out and see where it takes you. Someplace uncrowded where the sun dapples through the trees, where you can sit there and just talk, freely. It was such a pleasure to read this and immediately think of how wonderful that would be." (4)

    "This was a refreshing read. I love wandering without any destinations, especially in nature. Well to be honest, sometimes in shopping malls as well.
    But sharing that with a friend or a family member, shows how special the relationship is. To be together without any clear plan. Sharing thoughts and feelings, walking through beautiful places. Being you with no distraction. I love this!!" (4)


    by Ya---Na

    "Ya---Na is a gifted, distinctive writer, and this piece about the bitter ending of a relationship is uniquely written, with some interesting and thought provoking imagery. This poem seems to speak about a specific love, whilst simultaneously speaking to all. Even though there are 'he/she' pronouns, it doesn't seem to write with a bias. I adore 'bunker of heart' and I love the message about not letting the past linger on your skin, not letting a bad experience taint us. 'Monstrous shadow' was a brutal image, that is a perfect ending to this captivating poem." (7)


    Endless Words
    by Maple Tree

    "The anger in this write is felt very much by as a reader and imagine the depth of pain and emotion the writer is going through. This poem is like casting a spell to all those who like and live to judge people and we bear it until it comes back to bite them..a touching write by Maple Tree." (7)


    by Daniel

    "This whole poem read like a breath held for too long. Then there's that hunger, that yearning for touch, the touch of your pen again or the touch of this person? Not just their memory but something tangible. The flowers still have this aroma (I did have to look up what the smell of heather is like), and it's interesting that you expected them to have died, yet there is that flicker of hope, of a connection to the past. I thought maybe the pages were a journal or photo album. I related so much to the "writing slowly becomes a cure again". That only made me think, a cure for grief, moving forward, depression or a cure for feeling helpless in a world that changes so suddenly. The first time reading this, I thought the "you" referenced another person, now I am seeing it as perhaps more reflective. This "non-existence".... wanting to bring out the side of you that wants to do more than just "exist". To thrive. To feel and grow and not be trapped in pages of the past, or pages of only thoughts? Such an intriguing piece with depth, as you do so well. My only other comment is that I wasn't 100% sure on the placement of commas after the "jasmine/heather" etc, as you have already separated them in each line and it seems there is a natural pause. Rather enjoyed this one though!" (7)


    by Anna Banasiak

    "Anna has penned a delicate yet simple piece, which paints a solemnly familiar image. The beauty of this poem is that it doesn't rely on complex adjectives or images, but the narrative is nostalgic and well written enough not to need them. Each stanza is thoughtfully placed before the next. There is a decent measure of skill in this daydream-like piece." (4)


    A chapter of love
    by Michael

    "This is such an endearing write as well as passionate. Each verse is descriptive and beautifully crafted without breaking the flow of the poem and the mood. A very beautiful write and heartfelt." (4)

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    Congratulations to all the front page winners and HM's! So very many amazing poems! Jane, thank you for hosting and our judges for making the hard choices. Enjoy your week everyone!

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    Wow, thank you. I’m shocked people read from me still and honestly such a boost from this community every time my writer’s block fades and I come back.
    Thank you. Thank you for the in depth reviews & congrats to the winners & HMs. Sorry for the late response. This is great <3

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    Think you to the judge for the in depth comments on my poem, and thank you always for your time. Congrats to the winners!

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    Congrats to the Winners and all those who received a HM

    Thank you judges and thank you for hosting Jane.

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    Thank you so much, Mark, judges, mods...and other wonderful people.
    Congratulations Andrea, Maryanne.. Linda

    Larry, recently opened a thread 'the Place'. I have been to several places around the globe and pnq is one of the most beautiful place. People come here to express their emotions, to learn from each other, and sometimes to vent too.

    I was gone for like 5 months and I am deeply touched by such a heart warming welcome. I don't know how long I am gonna stay this time, but I am really grateful to each and every one for making me feel like home each time I come here.
    Thank you.

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    Congratulations winners and HM’s!

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    Congrats to the ladies for the front page and to all the HMs. Thanks, Judges and thanks Jane for hosting.

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    Many thanks to Jane, for hosting, and to all of our judges. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your beautiful thoughts.
    Congrats to the lovely Maple and Linda, you both are incredible. Congrats to all HMs and hope everyone has a good week!

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    I appreciate the gratitude for posting results, but I didn't do much this week. Thanks, Meena and MA, for being such a huge help! :)

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    Jane is being super modest - the back story was not an easy one.

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    Well done to the ladies this week who grace the front page, and congratulations to all those honourably mentioned.