Who writes for mommy

  • David
    17 years ago


  • Jacki
    17 years ago

    My very first peices were directed towards my mother. They were pretty mean. But now many years later When I write about my mother I write about our love. Because she is my best friend and I could not have pictured our relationship as close as it is now. I LOVE YOU MOM :)

    16 years ago

    I don't have the link here, but if you go 2 google.com and type in goth poetry page, the first link is Sav's goth poetry page. Check out the last poem, it's good. Peace, love and empathy.
    -Belle Misericordia

  • Andrea
    16 years ago

    i have a poem dedicated to my mother. oh its the best, you really should read it. it basically tells you all of the things she tells me everyday. it's called Slash Of My Mother's Tongue.

  • DMG
    16 years ago

    I myself have written a poem for my mother, actually a song. It's not posted on this website but it may be soon. In music it seems that artists often write about their mothers, music being poetry put to tune. I feel it's good to write or dedicate to your parents.

  • HeAvENLy UniQue
    16 years ago

    Yeah, I wrote a fUkEd Up poem 2 my mom its called "Thanks mom" , don't get me wrong about it, she just has a way of putting me down, "unintentionally" i guezz.. but this is a new year.. I wont let it continue.



  • Tiffy
    16 years ago


    'I'm sorry Mommy'


  • ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©
    16 years ago

    Well i Think Writing Poems About Parents Express The Feelings We All Have Had Sometime In Our Life When We Were Disgusted With Them Not Understanding Or How Much We Appreciate Them xoxo-Nikki-xoxo

  • Shelby G.
    16 years ago

    I wrote apoem for my mom entitled "I Love You Mom." she absolutly loved it