Concentration camp

by Fighter

I hear shooting in the distance
Are they coming to save me?
Are they going to deliver me from my misery?

I have been forced to work, to suffer
Behind this fence,
The one I have come to hate,
The one that holds my fate

My hands, legs and body are covered with blood
From the slapping and the beating
From all these months of suffering…

They treat me like this everyday
Because of my religion
Because I was born this way

They don’t care
About anyone but themselves
They don’t play fair

They do this to me,
To people like you
Because we’re different:
We don’t hold resentment
For people who don’t see
The same things you and I do

We don’t judge
We don’t hate,
We simply believe in a thing called fate…

© Fighter


Submission date : 2005-03-13

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Votes : 26
Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

Lems ( D ) at 2005-04-03

REALLY great job! I enjoyed this poem a LOT! its brought the stores that my Grandparents tell, into a poem, keep up the good work!

Eden ( F P C ) at 2005-04-07

I really like this one, because it is so true. You have a real talent for poetry. maybe if you gots the time, you could stop by and read my shtuff.


Broken Butterfly ( F P C D ) at 2005-04-08

thank you sooo much to everyone!!!! it means a lot to me

KrimzonBlade ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-22

wow gr8 write hun xox

adryan at 2007-04-24

Wow great stuff really enjoyed it. ive always been really interested in world war 2 and the holocaust. ive read books, poems, and seen movies. it really kept to everything that happened we should never forget. i can't see how that one person doesn't get it.... crazy. anyways once again great job.

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