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man i havent been on here in like 3 years O.o hu wud believe its been that long? and yet it has. hard to believe i used to live on this site n then it was almost forgotten but now i'm back and hell who knows maybe even with more horrible poems 4 all! <br>

definatly check out Fighter, CrazyWaterBottle (NightTears) Ipsita In Love
â?? PainøfOne and lorna westwick
they are totally awesome and my fave poets on here

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Latest Poems By ScarletHaze

  • The sleep that just never comes
    The seconds that seem like hours...

  • Keep you friends close and your enemies closer
    believe me pal its far from over...

  • Lookin at her now, rotting away in her home
    you wouldn't think much at all...

  • Atain (5)

    When one can trust and never judge
    when one can stand and never fall...

  • Babe I've had some time to think
    and to tell you the truth I'm over it all...

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  • People are like knives. can be beautiful can be captivating but with such ease can make you bleed.

    17 years ago
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  • Every time something good happens something bad tends to follow so can you really blame me for trying to keep my distance?

    17 years ago
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  • I may not be perfect by your standards but im perfect at being a screw up

    17 years ago
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