Deadly love

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

Leave your hand prints on my body
To show where you have been
Make a memory in your mind
Of all you have seen

Taste my lips of poison
Caress what I hide
Touch every part of me
Feel me from inside

Drink my blood of life
Stare into mysterious eyes
See through to my soul
Past hidden truth and lies

Read my mind of troubles
Understand my every move
Know every detour of my body
From every last curve to groove

Watch my body dance
To the wind of the song I hear
Her my voice sing sadly
Know the story of every tear

Don’t see me as I show me
But how you know it to be true
See through all that is hidden
See the reason I hide from you

Watch me in my locked prison
In a world of broken dreams
Where everything is twisted
And nothing is as it seems

Brake the bars around me
Retrieve and set my soul free
Watch me create a dream world
Where there is only you and me

Hold me under it's full moon
With glittering stars above
Kiss my crystal tears away
With me make deadly love


Submission date : 2005-05-21

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Rating : 4.7

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Jess ( F C D ) at 2005-05-27


XxPink LolitaxX at 2005-05-28

this is probably one of them best poem's i've read yet

Kelsie at 2005-05-28

nice poem!

Ivy at 2005-05-28

This poem is good i would like to read more.

XxBloodxLustxX ( P ) at 2005-05-29

I liked the poem lots!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work n do me a favor n read some of my stuff n tell me what u think, c'ya

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