Can your pee-pee not aim?

by Chelsey

If I have to scrub pee off the floor again
I swear I'll make sure all your bodily functions will end
I swear if I wipe another pubic hair off the tiolet seat
I'll shave off all hair from your head to your feet

What is so hard about aiming for the bowl?
Make a game out of it; Shoot, GOAL!
See that bubble there? Concentrate hard
When you think you got it go ahead discard

I mean is your penis to big you can't hold it in your hand?
I bet I can pee standing up better then a man
Are you shaking it or something does it feel good?
I mean please do that on your own time if you could

I don't see you on your knees, scrubbing this floor
Quite frankly if you ask, I can't take it anymore
You stink, it stinks, at least use some spray
If you want you can clean it, oh my gosh Hurray!

If you have a diformaty then I am sorry for this write
But I am so sick of your pee-pee's destiantional flight
Get a firm grip, hold with two hands
It's not just me, its everyone womans demand

Lol My sis gave me this idea by her little saying "if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety and wipe the seaty" we were just talking about how men can almost NEVER aim for the tiolet...guys correct me if I am wrong...but you have two hands if aiming becomes that hard!


Submission date : 2006-04-16
Last edit : 2006-04-16

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Latest comments

Jesseton at 2006-04-20

Thats very funny, haha, i was laughing for like 5 minutes after like, the second stanza!
nice writing there

Blake at 2006-04-22

It's cool

ashly at 2006-04-22

I feel the same way. lol i have 4 brothers i know what your sayin

leftfield ( F C ) at 2006-04-22



HOLLY ARMER ( F P C D ) at 2006-04-23

This is hilarious and I can soooo relate.
However, I'm a tyrant. If I go in the bathroom and there's pee on the seat or floor, I make whoever did it scrub the toilet and the floor. Even if they don't live works. Anyone who knows me knows not to pee on the toilet seat unless they wanna scrub the toilet :)
Anyway, cute write...made me crack up. Think I'll print it off and put it on my bathroom!
Take care and keep it up~Holly

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