The Carousel Horse

by Azurelady

At times I feel like a carousel horse,
picked and chosen, and ridden of course.

My features change from years of use,
my colors fade and peel from times of misuse.

Tracing the same circles in the same direction,
always looking for another's reflection.

Time passes slowly as the light fades away,
while waiting as always for the break of day.

As the morning arrives and the children file in,
again, as usual, I am passed over again.

The scars of my past not hidden from sight,
shine brightly in the glow of sunlight.

Feeling beaten and broken in spirit and in pride,
I fight to hide my frustrations inside.

Eventually I'll be replaced by a shiny new horse,
who will follow my steps in it's own aimless course.

She will be chosen by many new riders,
and instantly be accepted as a desired insider.

My future un-certain is lain before me,
with doubts and confusions that never cease to hurt me.

As I lay in wait for my new destination,
I find a little of my own determination.

Though I am tattered and used, and new owner has found me, and where they will take me might be astounding.

I am placed at a new post in an antique carousel,
and given over to grace instead of past hells.

The future seems bright as the carousel turns,
the music plays eloquently as it's antique status has earned.

I am given new hope, peace, and pride,
and feel as though I am shiny and new inside.

Though my outside may be worn and not-so-good looking, I find that inside, I am no longer convoluted.

My pride restored and my status elevated, after all of these years...

I am suddenly elated.


Submission date : 2008-04-13
Last edit : 2009-01-22

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Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

Robert ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-13

This was really well done the flow was played out very well and your choice of words were careful but meaningful. A great choice all around. The softness of the whole poem was very well done I would never expect nothing less the great 5 from you and you have shined brightly. Please read Justifide Affection

Anita Harris at 2008-04-13

Careful Robert, this is starting to get public..... Silly man...

Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-17

I am not a poet that despises the word "I" because it is when you give of yourself and not of your possessions that you truly give. You have not forgotten what goes up must come down. And so all we may do is to share

I love this poem and can relate

you for sharing


AllHailTheHeartbreaker ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-17

Absolutely lovely piece of poetry!

Excellent diction, and I loved the subject matter you used to symbolize. Brilliant.

I wish I had time to expand on what I like about it, but I'm short on time so this will have to do - I loved it. 5/5, definitely.

I hope to read more of your work soon - when I have more time!


Donna Treat at 2008-04-24

This was truly a message of hope. As we grow older, it is easy to feel less useful and appreciated. It is always good to remind ourselves that we have value even though our circumstances change.