God is Light

by Michael D Nalley

God is Light
God always was
And always will
Be the reason
For my being.
Faith is not
Just believing
In something
Without seeing.

God is our Father
Time, The beginning,
Almighty Creator
Of the big bang.
In my mind and soul
I know in my heart
Light over darkness,
The yin and yang.

Good orderly direction
Is not ever random,
Matter or energy
Is not naturally created.
Intelligent design
Must have a course
And the divine
Is relatively related.

The course of course
Is the source. He is
The cause of evolution,
Not the effect of constant
Change like air that we
Breathe, in us and around us.
As the world is in revolution,
His Holy Spirit is never out of range.


Submission date : 2011-02-26

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Latest comments

End Of Eternity ( F P C D ) at 2011-03-01

Awesome write indeed. Loved everything about it....spl the style of expressing.

Great write.

all the best and take care

Edward D Zurovec ( F C D ) at 2011-03-04

Amen Brother Michael, God is Light, God always was and always will--The Course of course is the Source, He is Good Orderly Direction. Peace and Blessings