Never again

by Yakari Gabriel

Never again will I allow you
Lies to destroy me,
your words will never again
set tears in my eyes.

- you won't conquer me-

Never again will your anger
tear down my dreams
your false promises,
I won't believe.

I've noticed that you're
like water in the desert,
something rare.

Never again will you hurt my soul
my illusions are now sacred
and you are not allowed to get close.

I've had enough!
now I have walls around my heart
you don't deserve it.

Never again,
will I lose my own dreams
neither will I cry in the darkness

today your out of my glory
I'm free.

Never again will you cloud my mind..
from today you are out forever.


Submission date : 2011-04-30

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Courageous Dreamer ( F P C D ) at 2011-05-01

Amen. Seriously. I can connect to every last emotion in this piece. I can definitely feel that anger in your voice, it truly comes through. It takes a lot to move forward and not allow someone to walk all over you and 'conquer' you, but sometimes it's impossible to even bare anymore. I just loved what you expressed here, it seemed like a vent more than a poem, but some parts were poetic and I think that gave the poem a nice balance. I love when I can connect to poems, this one was one of those.