Lessons learned

by DirtRoadGirl

I'm not perfect and I'm well awear of it. I make mistakes, and let people down. I'm afraid of love, but I believe in it. I run from happiness because I'm used to the let down of it. I know what its like to cry myself to sleep, and fake a smile to make it seem like its all just fine. I know what it's like to have your heart broken again and again, until you just get used to being numb. I know what its like to live in a world that's not always fair. I also know what it feels like to be loved, to stay up late with a good group of friends, to laugh until you cry and smile so much you're face hurts. I know what it's like to achieve something that every one said you wouldn't, and not give up when the rest of the world says you are better off to. There are alot of things you learn while living in this world, and one of the better things I've learned is that what happens today makes you who you are tomorrow. And I'm beginning to realize that I like who I am. So to my past, you are just that. I won't let you be my future. â¥


Submission date : 2011-09-17
Last edit : 2011-09-17

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Latest comments

Alone ( F P C D ) at 2011-09-18

Full of emotions :) good work

believeinlove87 ( F P C D ) at 2011-09-18

All true,:)
everybody can relate to this girl<3
life is all about lessons learned (: