Enjoy life

by Switchblade89

Enjoy life and whats in it,
enjoy it's time in days,hours and even minutes,
not all days will be happy,some will be sad,
some will give you joy and some will get you mad,
but fight the urge to do something stupid,
pretend like everyday you just met cupid,
happiness and joy is what it will bring,
so don't think it will do nothing,
it will heal whatever scars you have done,
even the scars you did for fun,

Everyones life is not always right,
thinking they have to cut themselves in the night,
hoping it gets rid of their pain and fears,
dropping out of them inside their tears,
(looking at the scars on their wrist,)
(thinking they drew a picture with a twist,)
if you want to get rid of the pain,find another way,
before one of those cuts becomes your last day,
pain may not be your only strife,
but find a way to enjoy life,
(Just enjoy it no matter what happens.)

This was written to my Friend.She always cuts her wrist when she gets upset.


Submission date : 2005-04-08

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Latest comments

undying blusher ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-02

I hope your friend stops cutting...I totally agree with the poem. And I'm sure it'll touch many hearts. Thanks.


brooke at 2005-08-06

wow this is a really powerful peace it well make me think twice about cutting myself the next time i get depressed. Keep writing such powerful speaking poems becuase i really enjoy reading your poems.

JR Cabling at 2005-09-29

Another great poem... You sure do have the talent!

Marjan ( F C D ) at 2005-10-06

Wow, you expressed your thoughts wonderfully and they're so true.
thanks for sharing it with us.
you're so talented.
take care,

~Łost ₣airy~ ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-08

Oh...does she...has she stop...I hope so...very good...hmm...my friends cut too...i hope they stop soon...I can't stop them...cause they areso faraway...

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