Old Tree

by JJ

Its been standing there for years
passed on from generations
the limbs have grown stronger
the roots are even deeper
engraved in each circle
is a story to tell, a memory to share

Wrapped around the trunk
where the clothes line is tied
on the side is where my name is carved
right there where the grass is soft
lies my favorite place to read

Near my bedroom window, on the 4th branch
the one that hangs kind of low
my secret hiding place is there
that's where I go to be alone,
Its where I find my strength again

Sometimes when life is bored
and there's nothing else to do
I'd lie underneath its shade
dreaming about love and forever
the world around me lay forgotten
just for a minute, time was mine

On that limb near the top
that's where the old swing hangs
its pretty weak now
nobody swings on it anymore
still, when the wind blows
I remember the times...

That old tree will always stand
forever it shall bear
my precious, unforgettable memories
someday I hope to pass them on
sitting underneath its shade

*Any suggestions on improving this piece are most welcome. thanks in advance--JJ


Submission date : 2005-09-15
Last edit : 2005-09-21

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Votes : 10
Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

Steven Beesley ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-26


Such a peaceful and serene poem. Very meaniful and deep, it has made me think alot about my past. Very inspirational piece of writing. Excellent work.

Warmest regards,


Shelby Bridges ( C ) at 2005-10-01

Pieceful and beautiful,,,,I loved every
line....Keep writing..........5/5


Kari Burkholder ( P ) at 2005-12-15

Beautiful piece. Your writing is timeless...could it be we have an old soul on our hands? Keep writing...this is a wonderful talent...God bless

sarah ( F P C ) at 2005-12-16

Its like a childs dream place mixed with youth feelings. i used to write about this old tree in my grandmothers yard.. i don't think i posted any of those poems. well she had that old tree cut down :[ and out of all the trees in my yard only the one in my grandmas yard was worth expressing. great descriptions!
always, sarah

lisa marie ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-24

This poem had really good imagery. a very calm and pretty piece. well done my friend.

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