Child's play - not!

by BrokenMemoriex   Feb 17, 2008

It used to be child's play
To want for something
But then it became so hard
And you found yourself sliding, sliding

It was nothing out of place
Initially t'was not forbidden
But then it turned out to be
An accident waiting to happen

It was nothing extraordinary
But it wasn't just a pretty face
Not a standout from the crowd
Just a different case

It seemed like an open music box
But the music might have skipped a beat
Like a child in a sweetshop
Delightful about something to eat

It was a game of hit and miss
All about finding a moment that was apt
Little did you know it was gonna
So quickly plunge into a cold snap

One moment you were walking on air
And the next the air freezes
You get caught in it helpless
With multiple grips and releases

Like a pestering sickness
Hot and cold takes all over
Cold such as that of ice
And hot like that of fire

The knots of emotion came undone
Disobedient to key and lock
You tried but couldn't hold it
It was like those emotions ran amok

You met a beautiful coincidence
Not even knowing what it's about
All because you just didn't want to
Miss out.


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