I Seek the One who Silences Thunder

by the song writer   Feb 20, 2008

I'm looking for your hand
I need you here
I'm on the edge of life and death
Sweep me off this sinking ship
Shield me from waves that will swallow me whole
This rain is so heavy
It's beating on my skin
And the weight of its sorrow is heavier than gravity itself

This water is so unsettling
Can't find a steady place to step
The black clouds are so disheartening
The clashes of lightning blind me
And the earthshaking blasts of power
Rattle my soul
I can't focus
I can't see the greatness
I can't feel your comfort
Where are you, my savior

And the sea takes me
I remember the stories
Of how my king could silence the thunder
And when his radiance was brighter than the sun
And yet he loved the petty
And as unconsciousness takes me I spat out one more thought
"I want you"

I find me washed up
White sands
Not a single friendly face in sight
And I've never felt so much regret
Land's never felt so comforting and frightening all at once
I'll tell myself that I'm a saint
Claim to the inhabitants that I am great
And I'm closer to you
When the truth is that I've never been more lost

I wanted to be ready for so long
To whether a storm worth talking about
I wanted respect that I never deserved
I was longing for a persona that I could never fulfill
The fibers of my soul could never handle what you'll prepare for me

Oh Lord,
Turn my burnt out mind around
Transform this stubborn hatred
To unending love
Remake me
Give me clear vision
A revitalized heart
And destroy all condescendence

I stand behind Christ
Not with horrified consciousness
Nor in cowardice
But with knowledge
That it would be too much to live in the world without Him

For true strength is in His eyes.
True strength is in Him.


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  • Wow, this is the best work i have read here this is amazing. BRAVO! I loved it all the description ever thing. you definitely do have a talent.5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Nix

    I'm not to religious person but I, absolutely honestly, enjoyed in this piece.
    First stanza didn't grabbed my attention too much, it would be more powerful if you add some unique metaphor but rest of the poem is truly deep and it is filled with overwhelming touch of vivid images. Sixth stanza is my favorite, it posses endless power and few lines are also totally mind-blowing.
    Bravo, very good job, I think that you expressed your self and your thoughts on a fantastic way. Emotions inside this lines are expressed with pure brilliance, you honestly described your feelings on truly strong way.
    Well done!