Vampire Kiss

by Love vs Fate   Apr 22, 2008

You are a mystery to me.
I saw you watching me,
Were you gazing at me with love.
Were you studying my figure,
You are so mysterious.
I don't understand why you chose me,
Why was I to be.
You walked on over to me,
Sat down next to me.
You breathed onto my neck,
Oh those shivers I got.
You whispered into my ear,
Would you like to see what I truly am.
As I looked into your eyes,
I became paralyzed.
You whispered into my ear once again,
Would you like to find out what a vampire kiss
is like.
You sank your teeth deep into my neck,
As I let out a sight of pain.
You drank until my heart beat started to fade,
You slit your wrist and told me to drink.
As I felt your blood flow through my veins,
I started to fade.
My body was dead,
I had no soul.
I was forever cursed.
I am a vampire,
This is what I've become.
A walker of the night.
Twas from a vampire kiss.


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