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i'm a dark person who loves to have fun i love people who are like me .i'm a person who needs someone to hold i'm crazy and love to just listen music.i love to go on adventures and find new things.ok yeah i'm crazy and ain't no one going to change me no one unless.....yeah no one
if you want to know more send me a message duhhhh
or send me a message at unsweet124@yahoo.com and identify your self as someone on here plzzzzz!!!! if you send me one put hey don't delte lol i have a bad habit of deleting stuff....i really like meeting new people so message meh! <3 ohhh btw HI

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Latest Poems By Happy With A New Start

  • You still take my breath way
    it's been 2 years...

  • She was 15 and heartbroken
    gave her everything to a guy...

  • I wish i would of been there
    wish i could of seen you...

  • I love you
    do you love me...

  • I'm so happy it was raining
    so happy cause you couldn't see my pain...

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  • I Didn't mind that you left and abanoned me..what hurts is that i'd still die for you..

    The song: Car underwater

    10 years ago
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  • These tears of blood falling, breathing has ceased but nothing is as scary as losing you again....:( (kinda bad)

    11 years ago
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  • I thought love was only true in fairytales......guess what i was freaking right....go figure

    it's my heart that is not broken but shattered do you care.....of course not you had ur way with me

    11 years ago
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