Tell me why

by Amir Riveroll   May 8, 2008

You're looking at me
asking me, who is to blame?
when evil prevails
and innocence are engulfed in flames?
if i didn't know
the innocent fall daily
while sinners and killers
walk these streets gaily.

you're still staring at me
and asking me why
why drunk drivers take lives
doctors informing weeping mothers
their children have just died.
imbeciles still get behind the wheel
hit everything in their path
yet too drunk to understand this serious ordeal.

There are so many questions
and so many more unanswered
like why single mothers suffer
and innocently die of cancer
people speak about religion and god
tell me why young children starve
children of god you say?
yet he leaves them in the dark.

there's no time for quotes
from an old and dusty bible
these youths these days
don't give a damn, its so unreliable
but there is time
for lending a couple hands
help the ones who really need it
instead of ordering and giving commands.

you asked me impatiently
why do these youths get shot?
they innocently walk then suddenly stop.
with death in their eyes and a bullet in their sweet hearts
tell me why do they collapse?
stray bullets from evil men selling pot
where's the love in that?
why do lovers become killers
why do priest molest
and people have nothing for dinner
there is no answer for these thrillers.

he clenched my shirt
so tight i heard the stitches begin to rip
he asked me why did his father die?
i couldn't answer, i could only see his tears as they dripped.
these such things all happen
but god always has his reasons why
remember heaven is a paradise all year round
when people die there is no suffering, they are better off dead than alive.

still there is one question left
why do they leave so unannounced
they just die and they leave
never with a farewell or renounced.
well here is my plea
you will forever be missed
you will be remembered always
from the words of your lullabies
to the last words before your passing
here are mine... rest in peace and goodbye.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by sweetsinnerbri

    Wow... this is a really sad poem, i even feel tears coming down! its so sincere... I love it!
    the answers to the questions lie in ur heart, u'll know y, when the time is right!

  • 10 years ago

    by Frozen hearT

    This is amazing...
    you are really good........

  • 10 years ago

    by Domino0792

    Wow, man. You have talent this is just such an amazing poem. definitely going in my favourites. This poem is so honest, so honest that its heart breaking. Keep penning these amazing poems. Truly touching.
    love chan.

  • 10 years ago

    by DoodlingDaydreamer

    Wow that is really good!!!
    Taylor xP